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January 29th, 2011, 8:50 pm

New Elastikid Strips


I have decided to bring back Elastikid and take it in a new direction.

I feel that my strips prior to the series' retirement were rather unfunny, as they relied upon cheesy humor and throwaway gags. By throwaway, I mean that all of my punchlines and jokes could be substituted with any other daily "funny pages" joke of any other comic and be the same basic thing.

In writing my new strips which I will release in the next few weeks, I have gone in a different direction and decided to make Joe a "superhero," though a rather reluctant one given his normally non-caring attitude. I can now develop story arcs with many characters and have Joe use his powers in new ways (i.e. defeating super villains) rather than doing boring stuff like reaching around and grabbing a can of soda or catching a football or whatever else I had him do before.

I mean, who wants to read a strip about a kid with superpowers who never uses his powers for anything... well, super?

My strips will still (hopefully) be funny, as I have always portrayed my fictitious worlds through the lens of humor. As I went back and read my old strips again, I realized I've become a lot better of a writer since then and a lot of the strips could be way funnier. But then again, back then I used Elastikid to hone my comic writing skills and improve. I even have another successful ongoing comic strip, Comics I Made While Blindfolded.

I realize that those of you who have remained fans of this comic after its retirement came to like Elastikid based on the strips I have up, so I will leave them up and they will still be in the series canon. Thanks for putting up with the delay in this series' resumption. I hope you all enjoy the new strips! Please provide me with feedback on them and tell me if you like them, I do like constructive criticism.

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